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  • "Timber" means thick, and these are some of the thickest western red cedar hot tubs available. With a depth of 43-1/2" and staves that are 2-1/8" thick, the Timber Tub is 1" deeper with staves 25% thicker than our most popular, 1-3/4" thick western red cedar hot tubs. The extra thickness significantly adds to the durability, lifespan and most importantly the overall natural insulating ability of the hot tub. Made almost exclusively for one of our European distributors, these are the hot tubs of celebrities, rock stars and yes, even royalty!

    The Timber Tubs are constructed from clear, all heart, vertical grain western red cedar. The finished thickness of the staves is a full 2-1/8", while the finished thickness of the bottom is 1-3/4". This extra thickness greatly adds to the life-span, and virtually eliminates any possibility of future warping of the wood. Most importantly though, the extra thickness give our tubs up to twice the insulating value of thinner tubs. The timber Tub is the thickest traditional wooden hot tub available worldwide!

  • We offer 5' and 6' diameter, by 3' and 4' tall. In addition to the standard sizes, we occasionally have a few Timber Tubs slightly shorter than normal which we offer at a discounted price.

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