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  • Western red cedar and redwood hot tubs are individually crafted from the absolute thickest and finest clear, all heart, vertical grain wood available.

    The tubs are constructed from full-sawn 2 x 6 clear, all heart, vertical grain staves and the bottom are 1-34" net thickness, making them considerably thicker than most others (our Timber Tubs are even thicker). This extra thickness adds greatly to the life-span, and virtually eliminates any possibility of future warping of the wood. Most importantly though, the extra thickness give our tubs up to twice the insulating value of thinner tubs.

  • We stock the more common 5' and 6' diameter by 4' tall tubs, plus a few smaller two person oval shapes.

    We also offer 3' and 5' tall hot tubs, plus a number of other sizes and can rather easily make just about any size imaginable.

    The round, 4' tall, straight sided tubs stands a total of 49.75" high with an inside depth of 42.5".

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