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  • The ofuro has been used by the Japanese for centuries to alleviate both physical and spiritual maladies. This ancient technique of immersion in hot water takes away tensions and stress, soothes muscular pains, and stimulates the blood's circulation. Due to its ability to increase the quality of one's life and health, this oriental bathing tradition has been gaining popularity here in the west.

    The size of these square, or rectangular baths can vary greatly according to your needs; from as small as a one-person tub, to as large as you desire. As these Japanese baths are all made to order there are no standard sizes. Generally we make the tub to fit your individual desires and existing space. The depth can also be specified for your comfort.

  • Ofuros have a typical inside depth of 26" to 28", and the size can be easily adjusted to your needs. Width is typically determined based on the customer's existing space and conditions.

    Traditional ofuros do not have an overflow, but a specialized flip drain or standard drain pipe can be installed.

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