Alaskan Yellow Cedar

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  • True Alaskan Yellow Cedar has been recognized as a unique wood species by the American Lumber Standards Committee. Prized for its high strength, beautiful appearance, and high natural decay resistance, Alaskan yellow cedar is classified as the strongest and most durable of all the cedars in the world.

    We have a small family owned mill that is hand selecting the most beautiful and absolute finest lumber to be used in these hot tubs. The quality of this wood is unsurpassed being absolutely clear (no knots), all heart (from the center of the tree), and perfectly straight, tight grained. The hot tubs are constructed from full-sawn 2 x 6 clear, all heart, vertical grain wood. Both the staves and the bottom are 1-34" finished thickness.

  • The maximum diameter offered is 7', and heights are limited to 3' and 4'.

    Occasionally we offer 5' tall tubs.

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